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About Us

We are Rwandan based tour company operating in Rwanda and in collaboration with our partners; we operate in Great Lakes and East African regions. We are an experienced company in Bird guiding, Gorillas tracking, Honey moon Safaris, Training in bird guiding, and Educational tours. Our mission is to make difference in tourism, increase awareness in our living nature and vital employment opportunities for communities’ well being and sustainable conservation.

Our Objectives are:

  • To deliver the tourism services and ensure a pleasant stay for our clients
  • To guide tourists in bird-watching,
  • Train local guides and to encourage them to be environmental friendly.
  • To market our country (Rwanda) in tourism.
  • To promote birding in Rwanda.
  • Support nature conservation for future generations through community support and educational tours.
Apart from our well trained bird guides, we work with the local communities and cooperatives as bird guides to increase their conservation awareness and enable them to benefit from tourism income as anecosystem service. We pay special attention to vulnerable people like orphans living around birding sites where they can offer good services in tour guiding. Groups producing handicrafts are supported and sensitized on the sustainable use of natural resources to reduce the pressure on wildlife habitats. In collaboration with other organizations engaged in nature conservation in Rwanda (Governmental and NGOs) we are committed to promote tourism especially in birding and conservation, getting involved in research on biodiversity as well as organizing training and awareness raising for the sustainable use of natural resources.