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claudienNames: Claudien Nsabagasani

Post: Director and Principal Bird Guiding

Claudien was involved in birding when he was still a university student and he is currently one of the few professional Ornithologists in Rwanda. After he graduated in Biology from University of Rwanda (Former University of Rwanda), he continued his birding carrier as Ornithology Research Assistant at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International-Karisoke Research Center where he initiated the common bird monitoring and the long term monitoring of endangered and endemic species to the Albertine Rift in Volcanoes Landscape. He has also assisted numerous students thesis in Volcanoes National Park, Rugezi Marsh and Gishwati Forest. Claudien has attended various trainings in Avi-tourism, biodiversity monitoring and research in Rwanda and abroad. He was involved in a number of activities related to research on biodiversity in landscapes of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. He conducted ecological study on the rare “Grauer’s Rush Warbler (2005-2006)” and was the first to document on the ecological breeding of the species in the region. He documented the ecological status of Grey Crowned Cranes and Papyrus Yellow Warbler and produced numerous reports on endemic birds of the Albertine Rift in Gishwati Forest and produced reports on biodiversity of Mukura forest, Akanyaru and Rugezi Wetlands in Rwanda, Echuya Forest in Uganda, Kibira-Rusizi landscape in Burundi and he initiated the waterbird counting scheme incRwanda. Claudien has acted as a consultant for Rwanda Environmental Management Authority to assess the status of migratory species and elaborate the list of threatened bird species to be protected by the Government of Rwanda! Claudien has contributed to the development of birding in Rwanda through training of bird guides in National Parks and local guides at birding routes. He has led over 50 birding tours and expeditions to Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Uganda. Claudien is also member and representative of local and international birding organisations including Rwanda Birding Club (Chairman), African Birding Club (Country Representative), International Waterbird Counting (Coordinator-Rwanda), etc. Claudien is also a dedicated natural historian and has a passion for all things natural, including Flora & Trees, Mammals, mainly Mountain Gorillas, etc!

boscoName: Bizumuremyi Jean Bosco

Post: Driver-guide/Gorilla tracking

  Bosco is a highly experienced driver guide and knows too much about Gorilla tracking. Bosco worked with Dian Fossey since 1984 when she was initiating the habituation of the Mountain Gorilla. After the establishment of The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund-Karisoke Research Center (DFGFI), the fund established in memory of Fossey, Bosco stayed with the DFGFI as the head of Ant-poaching group for 24 years before he joined Birding and Educational Tours Ltd. Bosco knows almost everything on Mountain Gorilla behaviours and he has contributed on the habituation of almost all tourist and research groups of Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Gorilla groups in DRC. Bosco is also an experienced and a wise driver. He has been driving in neighbouring countries, mainly DRC and Uganda and National Parks in Rwanda, Akagera and Nyungwe NP.

Names: Claver Ntoyinkima

Post: Associate Bird Guide

Ntoyinkima Claver worked in Nyungwe National Park as a Tour guide since 2004. He holds a Diploma in Tourism Management from Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management. Claver attended various trainings in Avi-tourism and practical bird guiding courses in Rwanda and abroad and currently he is recognised, at international level, as one of the few specialised bird guides. Claver has contributed to the development of birding in Rwanda through training of the colleagues tour guides in National Parks and local bird guides at birding routes and has presented the Government into many birding exhibitions and fairs. Claver has led birding tours with expert and twicher birders from all over the world’s corners at Rwandan attractive birding sites including Nyungwe, Volcanoes and Akagera National Parks, Rugezi Marsh, Gishwati and other Important Bird areas around the country. Additional to bird guiding, Claver is also a dedicated natural historian and has a passion for all things natural Mammals, mainly Colobus Monkey and Chimpanzees and knows everything related to fauna and flora in Rwandan Tourism attractions.

Names: Martin

Post: Associate Bird Guide

Martin worked with Wildlife Conservation Society/ Projet Conservation de la Foret de Nyungwe (PCFN) since 1992 as a Research Assistant (Ornthology) and since 2011 works with Albertine Rift as Biodiversity Monitoring Officer specifically ornithology leader. He conducted research and biodiversity surveys and monitoring on birds, mammals, plants, reptiles and amphibians in different important Biodiversity Areas in Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Martin attended various training in hospitality, tour guiding and birding and contributed to the training of local bird guides and to the development of birding in Rwanda through engagement of young people. He attended a number of national, international workshops related to biodiversity monitoring and action plans for conservation of Globally Threatened Birds in Africa. He has created birding clubs around Nyungwe NP and different schools in Rwanda. Martin has led birding tours with expert birders from all over the world’s corners around Rwandan attractive birding sites including Nyungwe, Volcanoes and Akagera National Parks, Rugezi Marsh, Gishwati-Gishwati, and other Important Bird areas in the region and he can deliver the local and regional guiding services.