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Lake Kivu

lake-kivu-kigali-rwandaThe western of the country is covered by Lake Kivu a physical border separating Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes with three main parts which are Gisenyi (North) Kibuye (Central) and Cyangugu (South). The Northern shore of lake, on which Goma and Gisenyi lie, is a flat plain featuring lava formations from the eruptions of nearby Nyiragongo Volcanoes. Gisenyi city features a resort on the shores of Lake Kivu, with sand beaches and several hotels including Lake Kivu Serena Hotel , Paradis Malhide, Ubumwe Hotel and Stipp Hotel. Gisenyi is also home to BRALIRWA, the main brewery in Rwanda, which manufactures various local beers Primus, M├╝tzig, as well as Amstel, Heineken and a range of Coca Cola brand soft drinks. The central side of Lake Kivu is Kibuye City where the lake has many different branches and many islands. Staying at hotels on the shore of the lake, Moriah Hotel, Bethanie Guest House, Golf Eden Rock , you can have a boating ride to different islands inside the lake Kivu for birding including Idjwi and the spectacular Nyamunini island with around 50.000 individuals of bat and more than 100 species of birds including Double-toothed Barbet, Grey backed Camaroptera, Brown-throated Wattle-eye and among others.