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12th Edition Gorilla Naming Ceremony “Kwita Izina” 2016

Twins On 2nd September 2016, the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board is organizing the 12th edition Gorilla naming ceremony “Kwita Izina”. The event attended by the various important guests and high authorities from all-over the world. The annual baby naming ceremony is a national celebration of conservation and sustainable tourism achievements reflected by the growing population of the endangered species mountain gorillas. At this event names will be given to 22 babies among them are a set of twins. The theme for the ceremony is “United in driving economic growth through conservation”. For more details visit

After 20 years, Lions are back to Akagera National Park-Rwanda

Lion in Akagera NP is exploring the new home!

Lion in Akagera NP is exploring the new home!

Seven lions, two males and five females, arrived in the akagera National Park (Rwanda) from South Africa on Tuesday 30th June 2015 at Akagera National Park (Rwanda), where they are being kept in quarantine for at least two weeks before their release into the wilderness. The last lions were wiped out following the country’s 1994 genocide. According to the Akagera Park Director Jes Gruner said “It is a huge conservation milestone, it is a beginning of a fantastic chapter for lions in Rwanda”.

We welcome the Lions in our unique savannah park and we are proud that the Akagera National Park will evolve to a real game driving among the African National Parks.