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Attractions: 9 Days Birdwatching and Primates tours in Rwanda

  1. Period: 4 th to 12 th August 2019
  2. Number of people: Maximum 5
  3. Available seats: 5
  4. Accommodation: Medium Level
    Day 1: 4 th August: Arrival and transfer to hotel
    Day 2: 5 th August: Transfer to Akagera NP, morning birding and evening game driving
    DAY 3: 6 th August: Full day birding and game driving and sunset boat
    Day 4: 7 th August: Birding, game driving, and transfer to Kigali Hotel
    Day 5: 8 th August: Transfer to Nyungwe National Park and afternoon birding
    Day 6: 9 th August: Full day birding in Nyungwe
    Day 7: 10 th August: Half day birding and transfer to Musanze
    Day 8: 11 th August: Tracking Mountain Gorillas and afternoon relax
    Day 9: 12 th August: Track Golden Monkey and after lunch travel to Kigali for evening flight


One Pers: 6,620$

Two pers: 11,029$ or 5,515$/Pers

Three people: 15,393$ or 5,131$/Pers

Four people: 20,125$ or 5,031$/pers

Five Pers: 24,352$ or 4,870$/pers

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Attractions: 5 days Tours; Albertine Rift Endemics in Nyungwe NP/Rwanda

Period: 15 th to 19 th July 2019

Number of people: Maximum 5

Available seats: 5

Accommodation: Medium Level
Day 1: 15 July 2019: Transfer to Nyungwe and have afternoon birding
Day 2: 16 July 2019: Full day birding/Nyungwe
DAY 3:17 July 2019: Second full day bird watching in Nyungwe NP
DAY 4:18 July 2019: Full day Nature walk and birding in Nyungwe National Park
Day 5: 19 July 2019: Half day birding and transfer to Kigali for evening flight

One Pers 2,817$

Two pers 4,255$ or 2,128$/Pers

Three people 5,693$ or 1,898$/Pers

Four people 7,303$ or 1,826$/pers

Five Pers 8,625$ or 1,725$/pers


Lion picslion-cubsAdditional to birdwatching, Akagera National Park is becoming the paradise destination for game driving after re-introduction of lions. The re-introduction was done on 30th June 2015 and currently lions are easily showing up in plains of the park.  In a period of less than one year of re-introduction, 7 cubs were recorded and now the family has grown to 14 individuals.  In addition, mating was also witnessed in Muhana Plain, suggesting more cubs are expected in the near future.

Travelling to Akagera with Birding and Educational Tours Ltd will provide you better opportunities for watching these rare and powerful carnivores interacting, hunting and, luckily napping, etc. Additional to the sighting of lions, you will also experience hundreds of birds including the rare Red-faced Barbet, Purple-crested Turaco, etc. and other wild mammals like elephants, leopard, spotted hyena, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, hippos, and many species of antelopes.

Things to do in Kigali, Rwanda

things-to-do-in-kigali-rwandaIf you have a short time in Kigali, Rwanda, do you know that you can:
  1. Track Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in just one day!
  2. Have a guided birding in Kigali City and its vicinity; Early morning or when you finish your work!
  3. Do your Game driving and birding in Akagera National Park in 1 day!
  4. Have a Kigali City tours in some hours!
  5. Birding and Primate tracking in Nyungwe National Park in 2 days
  6. Visit Historical and cultural sites including Genocide Memorial, Presidential Palace Museum and Natural History Museum (Kandt House) in 2-3 hours
  7. Entertain with local dancers for cultural and traditional dances
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